Developer Output Games released its debut title, ECHOPLEX, on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac. The cyber-horror puzzle game challenges players to navigate mazes while being chased by an “Echo” that repeats their every move.

In ECHOPLEX, players experience a non-linear storyline that plays out through live-action cutscenes. The story explores the connection between an engineer working for Clonochem Corporation and an activist protesting the company’s controversial product, Continuum. After the engineer calls a mysterious phone number, he discovers he is part of an endless cycle of repeating events, and players must help him escape.

To do so, gamers must reach the exit of each area by manipulating triggers and overcoming other obstacles. While players must avoid being captured by the Echo, they can also use the Echo to make progress. For instance, while walking through one door may cause a second door to lock, when the Echo walks through the first door after the player, the locked door will unlock.

After gaining popularity in 2015 as a browser-based prototype, ECHOPLEX entered Steam Greenlight in October 2016, and was Greenlit in 20 days.

With the help of Novy Unlimited, ECHOPLEX has been covered by a number of outlets, including Rely on Horror, Pop Geeks, and The Geekiary, among others.

ECHOPLEX is now available on Steam Early Access (Windows/Mac) for $8.99 — 10% off the game’s normal retail price. The launch sale will end April 13.

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