Krispy Animation’s Clown in a House is launching today! Explore a mysterious home as a clown in this new retro-inspired game by Kris Patrick of CatGhost fame. 

Launch Trailer:


Explore a Mysterious House
Featuring SNES-like graphics and a captivating music score by Billy Cobb,
Clown in a House dares you to venture deeper and deeper into the bowels of the home – meeting its strange inhabitants and discovering over 1,000 different interactions along the way. Can you unlock all 19 endings and uncover the home’s many other secrets? Only one way to find out …

But before we continue, a word of warning

As you explore the home, you might find yourself filled with a complex mix of emotions. Some things might seem familiar to you – and some things may not. If you open your mind (and your heart), you may discover that you and the clown have quite a lot in common! Maybe you two have made similar mistakes – or experienced similar joys. Maybe someday you’ll look back and realize the clown has visited your home. 

… or you might just be playing a silly little game …


Clown in a House is available on Steam and has been featured in a number of outlets – including ManlyBadassHero, I Dream of Indie, Adventure Gamers, DreadXP, IGN, and Gaming Ideology.
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