Bit Awards nominee Bouncy Smash bounces its way onto the App Store – launching today on iOS devices and Apple TV!

IV Studio executive producer Samuel Cowden has also written a blog post about the game’s journey from prototype to completion on Medium:

Inspired by retro classics Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, Bouncy Smash merges quick-paced “twitch” gameplay with the fully-realized worlds of more modern fare such as Downwell, Alto’s Adventure, and Monument Valley. Bouncy Smash is an iOS exclusive and was also recently nominated as Bit Awards’ “Mobile Game of the Year”:

Bouncy Smash - BitAwards (1)

Somewhere, in the Near Future …
It’s 2019. The Tyller Corporation has developed synthetic beings they call “duplicants,” which eventually (and predictably) revolt. Special squads known as “smashers” – which includes you, a smasher named Arlo – are ordered to eliminate all duplicants at all costs….

To succeed in Bouncy Smash, you must come to grips with the perfect bounce: split-second timing and pinpoint-accurate downward movement that crush wave after wave of evil bounce-lings. For best results, augment your attack effectiveness with four powerful smashing abilities … and take them all out in one blow! If you finish a wave, you earn the option to choose a valuable perk – such as a 20% higher bounce bonus. Are you prepared to face a veritable army of fearless duplicants?

Bouncy Smash was recently featured on the App Store in the “New Games We Love” category!

Bouncy Smash

Available exclusively on iOS, Bouncy Smash has been featured in a number of outlets – including Gaming Cypher, Flickering Myth, AiPT!,, and FangirlNation Magazine.

Read more about Bouncy Smash and IV Studio here.