OnOffGaming, a family studio consisting of two adults and three children, released Battle for Candora on iOS. The collectible card game challenges players to save humanity from a food coma-inspired disease called the Grey Plague by traveling to an alien planet called Candora.

In Battle for Candora, users will work to defeat the Grey, an alien race that has caused humans to become addicted to sugary treats. The disease can be treated using a rare substance called Gluconium-6, which players can collect by defeating enemies in turn-based battles.

During each battle, users can play cards to the battlefield representing food objects and human characters such as George Washington and Captain Hook. Players have a limited amount of energy on each turn, which they can use to complete actions such as moving a character to a different battle position or attacking the enemy.

Overall, Battle for Candora features 65 missions in a single-player campaign mode, as well as a replayable Gauntlet mode that allows users to earn extra rewards for their accounts. Players can collect over 200 cards for their decks in all.

Battle for Candora is now available to download for free on iOS. The campaign mode is free to all players, and users can unlock the Gauntlet mode for $0.99.

With the help of NOVY Unlimited, Battle for Candora has been covered by a variety of websites, including Gaming Cypher and Altered Confusion, among others.

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