Publisher BadLand Games and developer BSK Games launched Anoxemia on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The underwater horror adventure game challenges players to help a scientist named Dr. Bailey survive after his submarine crashes on the ocean floor.

In Anoxemia, players are asked to help Dr. Bailey and his operations drone, ATMA, collect samples from underwater caves. Players can explore 38 underwater levels, filled with poison drifts, mines, currents, and more. Along the way, gamers must keep an eye on their oxygen level, and collect extra oxygen containers to keep Bailey alive. Finally, players can solve puzzles and collect upgrades and items for ATMA, as well as their suit, that can help them survive.

Anoxemia is now available as a digital download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $7.99 / €7.99 / £6.49.

With the help of Novy Unlimited, Anoxemia has been covered by a variety of outlets, including Big Boss Battle, True Achievements, and DualShockers, among others.

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