In Adaeus: Rogue Planet — a 2D sci-fi Metroidvania roguelike platformer developed by OMGWTF Games — you’ll have to hack, slash, and shoot your way to survive on a deadly planet. Use Nanites and Credits to modify your suit and upgrade your equipment to increase your chances against brutal enemies and end-level bosses.

On the rogue planet of Adaeus, nothing is safe. It’s filled with menacing monsters at every turn, crumbling environments, and minimal resources. The chance for salvation is slim to none. The good news is that you’ve discovered a mysterious power source that could save the entire colony — but you’ll have to fight and uncover the secrets of Adaeus in order to obtain this newfound power and restore your colony.

Coverage is on Pop Geeks, One Angry Gamer, and iDigitalTimes.

Adaeus: Rogue Planet has been Greenlit on Steam!

More information on OMGWTF Games and Adaeus: Rogue Planet is available here.